Once a property developer, contractor or house builder has committed to a development they are keen to see applications ready to be submitted to the council. Blueprint create clear and realistic designs to produce saleable and desirable dwellings, have good knowledge of local planning requirements to ensure that applications are supported and approved in the shortest time possible and create accurate build plans to avoid lost time on site during the construction phase. We pride ourselves on these points as they provide our clients with the highest possible service and contribute to why Blueprint is a continuous success.

If you combine the design work from Blueprints new build projects with our speed and priority approach from our commercial work, you will see why speculative builders continue to use our services once they have experienced working with us first hand.

With regards to our smaller projects, we are available to meet with clients prior to the purchase of land to advise on the possibilities of planning permission, building regulations and factors to consider with regards to the development.

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