Barn Conversion Specialists

Starting as basic shell, barns really do come to life with Blueprint, as we are barn conversion specialists.

Taking the structure and constraints of the building and merging these with the wish lists of our clients, Blueprint has transformed many barns and the transformation is often nothing short of spectacular.

The quirky and individual nature of a barn may appear, initially, to limit design. But they encourage and ignite the imagination as solutions and layouts need to overcome, enhance and harmonize with these anomalies.

Often with large amounts of space and high vaulted ceilings, barns start with character.

Bringing Blueprint and a barn together will allow us to enhance this character and produce a jaw-dropping dwelling, highly desirable and of high value.

Let us unlock the potential

Barns can be individual or a group. Single storey or two storey. Brick or stone. Listed structures of historical or constructional importance. During our years of establishment in this field we have even converted a 4 storey water mill into a stunning family home.

Unlocking this potential is not for the faint-hearted. A barn will only be converted once and missing the potential is not an option.

Although traditional from the exterior, the interior can continue the traditional theme or change to a more contemporary or modern feel. All work well, although to change to a slightly unexpected style when entering a barn can produce breath taking results and the WOW factor that many are striving for.

There is more to a barn than quirky design. To bring the structure up to modern housing standards and building regulation requirements requires a different approach than a newly built structure. Knowledge of suitable materials is paramount and will ensure that the property performs at a comparable level, to a newly build house.