Home Design

What makes a good design? This is a complex subject but it comes down to thought. When designing a new house from ‘the ground up’ (sorry), a number of of factors need to be taken into account.

Looking at the original brief, together with the constraints of the site will set out the initial parameters. Budget, materials, topography, orientation and relationship to its surroundings. All will further influence the shape and direction of the project.

As schemes become more and more developed, clients can often become more focused, and engaged with the process as we continue to drill down into wants, desires and needs from their wish lists.

To deliver a house design that exceeds our clients expectations makes our job worthwhile. Building your own home is awe-inspiring. We recognise that it is likely to be our client’s biggest investment, in monetary and life changing terms. The phrase dream home springs to mind. We all have lists of things we want and here at Blueprint we do our upmost to accommodate all our clients’ wishes. There is a ‘but’, however. This process also involves how the design will be received by the local authority. The design needs to be approved by both planning and building regulations departments.

Nobody wants to compromise their dream home, this is where our strong negotiating skills are essential. Solutions are sought to keep the project as close to our clients vision as possible.

Blueprints knowledge and experience of working through this process is evidenced through our time with our clients. Never do we lose sight of the trust and faith which has been placed on the team to guide our clients through the concept and design stages, through to obtaining the relevant permissions from the governing bodies.

Where bolder schemes are not received favourably, we continue to work with both clients and planners to keep the design on track and within the parameters of the brief.

Building your dream home is a pleasure and a privilege and it is fantastic to share the journey with you.