Residential Services

Living space needs to be designed to the requirements of the end user, the home owner, the family. Drawings are produced and developed as the scheme evolves, these convey the design elements and features. Clear and accurate drawings need to communicate the design principles to clients and local authorities to secure planning permissions.

The clearer and easier to understand this information, the easier for other parties to understand and appreciate the proposed scheme. This isn’t to say we don’t like challenging applications, we love negotiating but ultimately the goal is to produce plans that can be built and not get into unnecessary dialog when the planning guidelines are already there to be followed. We pride ourselves on these points as they provide you, our clients with the highest possible service and contributes to why Blueprint is a continuous success.

Our service is tailor made to your requirements so if you are embarking on a project for the first time or you have vast construction/development experience rest assured we will work with you at the level you require and at a comfortable pace. If you need to ask a question, ask. We are here to help.

Home Design

What makes a good design? This is a complex subject but it comes down to thought. When designing a new house from ‘the ground up’ (sorry), a number of of factors need to be taken into account.

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Home Extension Design

Creating house extensions for existing properties is the most varied rewarding work we do here at Blueprint. The design of each property presents its own challenges and quirks, and every client that steps through our doors has personal unique requirements that we thrive on making reality. This is not a sector of work where one solution fits all. We take time to listen to make sure we fuse together creative ideas and deliver the perfect personal design, time after time.

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Housing Development Design

Housing development design is often undertaken by either Housing developers or Land owners. Both have the same aim, which is to maximise profits.

For land owners, a full design and full planning application can incur unnecessary fees. An outline application which will establish the principle of development and secure the number of units permissible on a parcel of land is all that is required.

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