Housing Development Design

Housing development design is often undertaken by either Housing developers or Land owners. Both have the same aim, which is to maximise profits.

For land owners, a full design and full planning application can incur unnecessary fees. An outline application which will establish the principle of development and secure the number of units permissible on a parcel of land is all that is required.

A quicker and more cost effective option which realises the full value of the land, is welcomed by most. This leaves the final design to the purchaser and housing developer.

Outline planning applications have become more detailed over the last few years and continue to ask for increasing levels of information. This may seem unnecessary and costly. However, it provides certainty to a purchaser and is beneficial in securing value and its best possible price. Any unknowns are reflected in the purchase price as developers will look at worst case.

Blueprint are experienced and skilled in securing these outline permissions. We receive a lot of work through recommendation from solicitors and estate agents who must maximise estates for probate and clients.

We are also instructed to improve or renew permissions where, although permission may have been granted, they aren’t always received well by the market and more can be achieved to make them either more valuable, saleable or often both.

Once the land is within the hands of developers, the scheme then needs to proceed through to a full planning approval.

Design and individuality are important as home buyers are demanding more and more for their money. A balance between good design, kerb appeal and desirability but also the developer’s investment, is all considered.

We have been fortunate to work with developers over the years who, while profit is important, take great pride in their work and the mark they will leave behind on the landscape. This partnership we are part of with our clients allows us to produce exceptional work and for us too, to be proud of the mark and influence we have on the built environment.